LEGOs are fun because they let kids be imaginative. How can LEGOLAND theme parks do the same?

CW: John Bense AD: Christian Baldwin

Parkitect AR

Parkitect AR lets LEGOLAND visitors design and redesign the park in augmented reality. The park provides AR goggles in the form of “construction helmets” and encourages visitors to make changes as they see fit.

Parkitect uniforms. Parkitect logo. Parkitect AR mockup.


Out-of-home advertising will be placed in and around area shopping malls.

Beware falling bricks. Children are required to play on this building site. Caution: Tripping Hazard

Like the theme park, billboards and bus wraps will also be “under construction,” featuring scaffolding and giant construction worker LEGO figures.

LEGOLAND billboard. LEGOLAND bus.

Unique bricks will appear inside new LEGO sets. People can bring them to LEGOLAND and exchange them for branded merchandise and other prizes.

Legoland packaging. Legoland pagkaging card front. Legoland pagkaging card back.